Last updated on: 21.10.2020

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as – “Privacy Policy“) explains how ANA, UAB  (hereinafter referred to as – “Company“) collects and processes the information of visitors of website (hereinafter referred to as – “Website“), specifies the rights of the website visitors and how they can be exercised. Visitors may register on the Website only after getting familiarized with this Privacy Policy and confirming this. We recommend reading this Privacy Policy carefully before registering on the Website.

The Company is obliged to process your personal data in its activities in a responsible and safe manner. Being guided by these essential principles, we will always seek to ensure the sufficient level of protection of your data and the protection of your rights. We process Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy, applicable legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) (hereinafter referred to as – “GDPR“) as well as the applicable national personal data protection legislation of Lithuania.

Data processor

Company‘s code: 159573453
Address: Trakų g. 16-20, Vilnius, LT-01132
Phone: +370 677 75151

What information about you do we collect, use and store? 

The information provided by the website visitor himself/herself when registering on our website: (loading address,unloading address, load measurements, load weight, telephone number, e-mail address);

More detailed information about the data processing:

After your registration on our website, we collect and process information about you, that you provided, which is necessary for the provision of an transportationserviceLoading address, unloading address, load measurements, load weight, telephone number, e-mail addressYou gave your consent with this on the website (Art. 6 (1 (a)) of GDPR) Information is necessary for the provision of a service (Art. 6 (1 (b)) of GDPR)

1.    Do we use cookies?

No, we don’t.

2.    What information you must provide us with and why?

When registering on our website, you must provide us with loading address, unloading address, load measurements, load weight, telephone number, e-mail address. All these data are necessary for us to provide the transportationservices.

3.    What is the legal ground for collecting the information?

We collect information about you legitimately as: 

You gave your consent with this when registering on our website;

Your information is required for making and performing the sale and purchase agreement with you;

We have a legitimate interest in monitoring the website traffic.

4.    Do we provide your information to other subjects (processors)?

The Company does not provide the processed Personal Data to any third persons without the preliminary consent of the person (data subject), unless the law provides for otherwise.

5.    Your data processing principles

We seek that your Personal Data be processed accurately, in good faith and lawfully, that they be processed only for the purposes they are collected for, in observance of the explicit and transparent principles and requirements of personal data processing.

6.    How long do we store information about you?

We store your information about the registration on the website up to the withdrawal of the consent. We store the information about the purchases you made in accordance with the Guide to General Document Retention Periods.

7.    What are the data subject‘s rights?

You are entitled to get familiarized with your personal data and the way they are processed, demand that the provided personal data be corrected, updated or deleted as well as to suspend the processing operations thereof (withdraw your consent). Also, you have the right to demand that the personal data processor limit the processing of personal data, the right to data portability, the right to file an appeal with the State Data Protection Inspectorate (contacts are provided on website and the right to disagree with the processing of the personal data provided. For more information about the procedure for exercising these rights, please file a request to email You can familiarize with more detailed information about personal data processing and safety on arrival to us.

8.    Contacts of our responsible person.

We are committed to ensure safety of your personal data and provide all the necessary information. In the event of any questions or comments regarding your personal data processing, please contact us by email or phone +370 677 75151. You may contact us at this address if you intend to exercise your rights as of the data subject.

This Privacy Policy shall come into effect when published on the Website. The Privacy Policy shall not be deemed to be the agreement between the Company and you on the processing of Personal Data. By this Privacy Policy, the Company informs you about your personal data processing principles in the Company. We may amend the Privacy Policy at any time. Amendments and (or) additions to the Privacy Policy shall come into effect when published on the Website. We recommend reviewing our Privacy Policy from time to time.