Partial truck loads

While others cannot be bothered helping small local businesses, we love to be of assistance! We will carry any loads larger than half a pallet. We work quickly, because time is money. We will pick up the cargo from the client’s warehouse and deliver it to the location that is most convenient for the recipient, including a door-to-door service. Why? Because it is all about details!

Full truck loads

Full truck loads receive the full package of services. We are equipped to carry all kinds of cargo from standard packages in familiar types of pallets and boxes, to oversized loads such as windows and even clothes in bags. Keeping your needs at heart, we take account of the size of your load and we can use separate trucks with volumes ranging from 12 to 120 cubic metres.

Express deliveries

Have you encountered an emergency? Don’t worry, we’ll deliver! With vans for express deliveries and a large team of drivers, time is on our side! In fact, we can deliver your cargo anywhere in Europe within 24 to 48 hours.

Warehousing and customs brokerage

Leave the paperwork to us! Since customs policies are changing all the time, let us be your agent in dealing with the newest regulations. This also avoids clutter, since we will load and classify the cargo, and can store it in a warehouse at a geographically convenient location in Vilnius.


Making a delivery is different from providing a delivery service that is worth your while. That’s why we make decisions based on your specific needs. Would you like to chat?

Load consolidation

For many companies, working with Russia, Ukraine and Belarus presents a challenge, but this is not the case for us. We will collect partial loads from Europe and other countries throughout the world, and then deliver those packages where they need to go. Today, cost-efficiency is more important than ever before; therefore, we group our cargo so we do not have to use separate vehicles for partial loads.